Top 10 Healthy Food for Backpacking Trips

One of the most interesting yet challenging activities to engage in is going on solo wilderness backpacking or camping trips. A number of adventurous individuals spend some days or weeks away from the hustles and bustles of the city life.

Backpacking Food

However, going on solo wilderness backpacking trips would not be complete without foods. This article covers the top 10 healthy food ideas for solo wilderness backpacking trips.

Note:  Proteins, one of the basic components of foods, help you feel fuller than do fats or carbohydrates, so along with eating more fiber, you will need to eat adequate amounts of lean protein to control your food intake and hunger.

Proteins are considered worker bees since they provide for the transport of oxygen, nutrients, and waste throughout the body and are needed for the function, structure, and regulation of organs, tissues, and cells. Continue reading “Top 10 Healthy Food for Backpacking Trips”